Sebastian Bielak - Podróż po Alasce

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W trakcie wykładu w Muzeum Regionalnym „Dom Grecki” w Myślenicach (fot. Agnieszka Turska)
During a lecture given in regional museum “The Greek House” in Myslenice (photo by A. Turska)

Slideshows from nature travels around Poland

Traveling abroad has always been in fashion in my country, at least from times which I can reach in memory, and nothing indicates that it is going to pass soon. However, for last few years I have been watching people outdoing themselves in inventing more and more exotic and extreme destinations where they would like to get necessarily. It refers both to “professional” travelers and ordinary tourists, who probably think that the further they leave their houses the more beautiful places they will see and the more interesting memories they will bring with themselves. Undoubtedly there is something in it but in the same time old Polish proverb still remains actual: “foreign you glorify but your own you do not know”. In some way it is similar to other proverb “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. There is a lot of unique places in Poland, which should not be only visited but also well known. This is why I decided to act against actual fashion preparing a few slideshows from my travels between the Tatra Mountains and the Baltic Sea. I am starting with five of them, i.e. the Valley of the Biebrza River, the Pieniny Mountains, the Bieszczady Mountains, the Karkonosze Mountains and the Bialowieza Primeval Forest. Next slideshows will be about the Wolin Island, the Stolowe Mountains and the Roztocze Country. Each presentation lasts for 90 minutes, consists of 90-100 slides (400-500 pictures) and a short movie in Full HD quality. Of course the leitmotiv of these slideshows is wildlife of Polish national parks but there are also images and curiosities about local architecture, own lifestyle and culture of native inhabitants and touristic attractions of the region. Being based on my own experience I share detailed information needed by every tourist for safe and enjoyable visiting discussed places.

Slideshow about Alaska in the Municipal Public Library of Krynica-Zdroj (photo by Joanna Moskala)
Slideshow about Alaska in the Municipal Public Library of Krynica-Zdroj (photo by Joanna Moskala)

Multimedia lectures on Alaska and Greece

From my three-month expedition to Alaska I brought a few thousands of photographs. They have allowed me to prepare a slideshow entitled “The Last Frontier means my life expedition to Alaska”. The presentation consists of 90-100 slides (300-400 pictures) and lasts for 90 minutes. Multimedia lecture is not only a large collection of photographs from this remote and still poorly known recess of North America. First of all it is a set of curiosities about Alaskan flora and fauna, national parks and ecological problems, which are faced by Alaskans. In this slideshow I also present everyday life of Alaska inhabitants, both in its southern part of the country (with developed civilization) and in the Far North, i.e. in small villages hidden in a deep wilderness, somewhere near the north Arctic Circle. Next slideshow, entitled “Thassos. Emerald island of sunny Greece", presents wildlife of the island, local landscapes and picturesque, sandy beaches, seashore towns and ports, mountain villages looking like living museums, traditional dishes of Greek cuisine, lifestyle and culture of Thassians, local architecture, touristic attractions and facilities for visitors. All presentations are interesting offer for fans of traveling, wildlife, geography and acquaintance of culture. I encourage everybody to browse the following image gallery, where I have placed write-ups about most of my hitherto lectures.