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In everyday life it’s always worth to keep smiling, however sometimes it’s hard (photo A. Chodkiewicz)

A few words about me

I am an engineer and a man with a flair for technology. I respect the achievements of our civilization and value practical approach to everyday life. In 2000 I graduated from the full-time master’s degree courses at the faculty of Geodesy and Environmental Engineering of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Poland. In 2008 I completed full-time doctoral studies at the faculty of Environmental Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology and one year later I got doctoral degree in technical sciences. In the period of 2010-2013 I was working as an academic teacher at the Cracow University of Technology and now I cooperate with several dozens of the Third Age Universities, Children's Universities, public libraries and culture centers all around Poland. Although I am a lecturer and an educator in everyday practice, I try to spend my free time on creative work and popularization of science. It has resulted in a few dozens of educational movies and over one hundred and thirty publications (popular and scientific) in the field of environment protection as well as ecology and sightseeing, including two books. However, those who think that I am a typical “scribber” would make a mistake. Nothing of that kind. When only there is a chance I set off and try to gain practical experience as much as possible because I do not want my modest expertise to become only futile theoretical knowledge.

Official promotion of new doctors in the Senate Hall of the Cracow University of Science and Technology, autumn 2009 (photo by Jan Zych)

Scientific interests

My professional life has been devoted mainly to potamology which is the scientific study of rivers in the context of water ecology. Although nowadays scientists are forced to choose narrow specializations I do not follow the mainstream and try to be as interdisciplinary as possible in my domain. Therefore my interests focus on both natural aspects of river ecosystems and mathematical means supporting up-to-date river engineering, such as for example one-dimensional modeling of surface water quality. I have conducted research aimed at evaluation of ecological state of rivers according to the requirements of the European Union Water Framework Directive. This research has been based on two separate scientific methods which aim at two different goals. The first one is British River Habitat Survey which serves for assessment of hydromorphological state of river channels and valleys. The second one is Polish Method for the Macrophyte-Based Assessment of Rivers which enables to determine fertility of water courses due to the use of aquatic plants as bioindicators of the level of water pollution with biogenes.

Wildlife photography sometimes requires sacrifices, e.g. entering in waders into a miry marsh full of bloodthirsty gnats (photo by Anna M. Bielak)

Wildlife photography and travels as a hobby

I am a naturalist, photographer and traveler by avocation. I am a wild nature lover who likes to calm down far away from human settlements and detach from our more and more noisy civilization. I like wandering around deep forests and climbing high mountains, feeling fresh puff of mountain wind on my face, or kayaking among inaccessible wetlands and open peatbogs where in complete silence songs of tooting birds can be listened distinctly. These wonderful moments I try to capture with my camera with various results. Although my duties are increasing and my free time is rapidly shrinking I always manage to find a reason for getting away from the daily life and even for a short while set off on a backpacking tour. Somewhere there wildlife always waits for me.