Sebastian Bielak - Podróż po Alasce

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View of the YouTube channel ”Travels Close to Nature” with movies about my wildlife journeys.

”Travels Close to Nature” on YouTube

The Internet plays an increasing role in our everyday life and its significance and influence on perception of the world is still growing. No more than one decade ago the web served mainly for searching of information and communication but now it enables comprehensive sharing of personal achievements with people all around the world. Following the spirit of times I have started my own YouTube channel, where I will be placing educational movies about wildlife and travels (HD quality). Particular movies can be watched by direct clicking on their icons, placed at the bottom of this page, or by connecting with YouTube via widget located in the right corner of this page.

During recording of the radio broadcast about expedition to Alaska in ''Nowinki'' Radio (photo by Lukasz Kondraciuk)

About Alaska in radio and television

Since I have been appearing in different regions of Poland with lectures and photo exhibition about Alaska quite often there come reporters of local newspapers and the representatives of television or radio. I give them interviews with pleasure, however still with a certain dose of stress. According to trends actually occurring in media my interviews are usually short, almost rapid talks intended to create an attractive news. However, from time to time it happens that when I am on the air I am given quite a lot of free broadcasting time so at last I can talk about Alaska, wildlife or traveling almost without any restraints. Although I have quite a great deal of media presentations to my credit, only a few radio and TV stations allowed me to present their recordings here.

Radio broadcasts

Interview for the local Opatow Radio Station in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski devoted to the expedition to Alaska and photo exhibition, May 16th 2014 (4 minutes)

Interview for the local Park Radio Station in Kedzierzyn-Kozle devoted to the expedition to Alaska, November 26th 2013 (5 minutes)

Interview conducted on the air of the Plus Radio Station in Opole devoted to the photo exhibition "Alaska – the beauty of wild nature", August 24th 2012 (3 minutes)

Program "Simple way to your career" on the air of academic Nowinki Radio Station devoted to Alaska, my expedition and books written on this subject, June 14th 2012 (32 minutes)

Interview conducted on the air of the Plus Radio Station in Krakow devoted to Alaska and the expedition to this remote recess of the world, June 11th 2012 (7 minutes)

Ecological program “Green Phone” in the Katowice Radio Station devoted to the expedition to Alaska and the photo exhibition, September 2010 (7 minutes)

During short interview with one of few regional TV stations (photo by Rafal Mielnik, MPL Opole)
During short interview with one of a few regional TV stations (photo by Rafal Mielnik, MPL Opole)

TV interviews

In December 2014 I gave a short interview to the internet television maintained by the Center of Culture Animation in Polkowice: PCAiTV. In May 2014 I was invited as a lecturer to celebrations of the Earth Days in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski. This 11th edition has been devoted to the USA and American national parks. For me it was an occasion for promoting Alaska, e.g. on the air of local TV station OstrowiecTV (material about Alaska starts in 2:20 minute). Late in November 2012 I had pleasure to visit the Regional Museum ”Greek House” in Myslenice, where I had been invited for presentation of my photographs taken during the expedition to Alaska. The meeting was recorded by local TV station and thanks to Mr. Bartosz Cwynar I throw the recording open to the public: Myslenice iTV. In January 2011, in the evening edition of Newsreel broadcast by Cracow Television, a report from my vernissage and photo exhibition about Alaska organized in Bialopradnicki Manor House was shown as well as a short interview with me was presented. Here is the link to the recording (material about Alaska starts in 5:10 minute): Kronika Krakowska.